End of Life Care & Cremations


End of Life Care & Cremations

Crematory Services are provided by All Paws Great and Small Pet Funeral Home and Crematory off of E. Houston Street through Animal Hospital of Westover Hills for your beloved deceased pet. All cremations are private (only the remains of your pet will be returned in the urn) or general (no urn will be returned). For additional information please call our office.

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    Your pet may be experiencing these symptoms more often than not. Doesn’t want to play or interact, no longer holds interest in things that once made our pet happy, hides in unfamiliar places, sleeps a lot, seems to be in pain and/or has mobility issues, not eating or drinking well, losing weight, and has more bad days then good.

    Aggressive behavior, panting or breathing changes, shaking and/or trembling, trouble moving, and in some instances increased vocalizations.

    Unfortunately, we do not. However, we highly recommend contacting Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice & In-Home Euthanasia. They are highly recommended by our clients and we have heard such wonderful things. Please contact them for more information at 210-640-7322 or their website.

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