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Pet Grooming

Grooming by Lorenzo is also provided and price varies depending on breed and condition of our furry friend. The price includes haircut (if needed) bath, nail trim, and anal gland expression. Lorenzo goes by appointment only Monday – Thursdays and drop off is between 8-9:00am only. Please call for any additional questions regarding appointments and pricing.

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As long as we are updated on all puppy vaccinations (usually around 12-16 weeks of age) our little one can be groomed. It is good to get your puppy familiar with grooming at an early age so they can familiarize themselves with the process.

YES. Our groomer does provide a medicated bath for dogs ONLY that is considered a quick kill flea treatment, but we always recommend to put pet on flea and tick prevention immediately. The prevention will kill and prevent any future fleas for up to 1-3 months depending on flea product.

All pets are dropped off in the morning between 8-9:00am and are ready to go after 2:30pm (majority of the time). Our office will call the contact number provided at the time of drop off to call you as soon as our furry friend is ready. We do like to inform clients that this is an all-day process. Our groomer likes to bathe, cut hair (if needed), trim nails and express anal glands in between touch ups. If you need an early pick up, please let us know when you make the appointment.

YES OF COURSE! The groomer will keep a picture on file and discuss your options with you.

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