Preventive Care & Well Checks


Preventive Care & Well Checks

Keep your pet healthy with regular well checks to stay ahead of any issues. Dr. Sharp typically recommends annual checks for most pets.

More frequent checks for some pets may be recommended. For example, older pets, or pets with chronic conditions can benefit from more frequent well checks.

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    During your dog's routine checkup, Dr. Sharp will examine your dog's body from head to tail. We will look for abnormal growths and mobility concerns. If anything stands out, our veterinarian will order additional tests. Your pet may be given vaccines, and our vet may recommend future treatment and disease prevention options. You may also discuss nutrition concerns.

    DEPENDS. If you have a senior pet or a dog that has not had blood work performed in the last few years, it may be time to have Dr. Sharp check your pet for signs of diseases and take disease prevention steps. Early detection can prevent the condition from worsening, and treatment is often more effective in animals that are discovered to have early signs of a condition.

    YES. All pets must have an examination in order to get established at our clinic. Their immune systems are less mature and responsive than adult immune systems, which makes them susceptible to many types of infections. During a wellness exam, your puppy or kitten can also begin receiving core vaccinations essential for keeping him happy, healthy and disease-free.

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